We build factories to supply more demand and our supply capabilities are 150 Tons / Month. We are please welcome importers or buyers to work with us and we will be happy if you visit our Premium Coconut Charcoal Factory Indonesia.

Our Value

Kurt Indo provide and produce high quality grade coconut shells charcoal without cutting any trees and only use renewable resource which is eco-friendly and safe-free from any harm to the environment, while at the same time to educate the world of the benefit using natural coconut shells charcoal for everyday needs. We value 3 cores in our company.

Why Us?

We maintain the highest integrity, fairness and ethical standards. We are actively involved in
improving the communities in which we operate in through our extensive Corporate Social
Responsibility programs.

We believe in creating win-win partnerships so we closely work with our suppliers, buyers and
the authorities to ensure mutually beneficial growth and success for everybody in our supply

We have developed a stellar name with our suppliers and buyers for consistently honoring our
commitments in the highly volatile business environment we operate in.

We deliver customer satisfaction by striving for excellence in all aspects of our business. We
continuously innovate and improve our business processes, products and services to achieve
our goals.

Ready to buy Coconut Charcoal Premium?

Made of 100% natural resources

Our shisha charcoal and hookah charcoal made from coconut
shells to ensure environmental sustainability


Temperature of Charcoal heats at minimum 500 degrees celsius

Burning Time

Our minimum time of charcoal burning is at 2.5 hours.



Komplek  Pergudangan DPR Blok C No.134 Cipondoh, Kota Tangerang

Banten – Indonesia

Telp.+62 (021) 222 606 33

Phone/Whatsapp +62 878 8410 2010


We produce and export Coconut Shell Charcoal for hookahs, starting from 2018, we use traditional carbonization methods to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly and that no chemicals are added.